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Spooky World

Introducing a visionary digital agency determined to forge an empire of groundbreaking projects across various blockchains. Each project comes with its unique purpose and cutting-edge features, promising a world of possibilities. Embark on a thrilling journey through the enigmatic realm of 111 Spooky and 100 Froginal, where greatness awaits, and bask in the rewards of shared revenue to all Spooky & Froginal holders. Join us in shaping the future of blockchain innovation!

111 Ordinal Spooky (OG collection will get free airdrop from all upcoming collections + shared revenue rewards)

100 Froginal (OG collection will get free airdrop from some upcoming collections + shared revenue rewards)

1111 Ordinal Orcs : Make 1111 ORCS rich again. From smashing rocks to explore treasure in the ordinal cave.

Phase 1

The dark world begins with creation of social world where we connect with online community building.

* Twitter * Discord * Website development * Minting live * Marketplace listings

phase 2

Dark world will expand its horizons to multiple project at multiple blockchains and introduce them to Spooky world.

* Intro to new projects * Amazing collaborations * Marketing strategies

phase 3

To expand our reach and establish a stronger foothold in industry we will finally launch our incredible projects on multiple blockchain

* New use case with every project * Advance utilities * Free Airdrop to only 111 spookies * 50% revenue shared

In this world of darkness
we have 1/1 art.

The first of its kind, the very first GIF Spooky and Froginal at bitcoin, each art is unique from one another and completely ORIGINAL.


Meet the spine-chilling masterminds
behind the Spooky World team, where horror and creativity collide

An Artist


Eva Michael

Team (Content Creator/ Advisor)


Animator / Artist

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